Truth is a verb

1 John 1-8
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1 John 1 : 8 (NKJV)

If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

I suppose in many languages “Truth” is depicted as a value and takes the attribute of a noun. We all admire Truth and try to get it in ourselves. But until I show it in action, I won’t be sure whether I really got the truth. So John asks, how do I verify that you have truth? Only when I know that you do not sin, I will be sure that you are having truth.

So truth is an action when lives are lived without sin; interesting enough, lie is always a verb. You cannot express lie without actions. Truth is also expressed as “Ground Truth” or “Fundamental Truth”. Wiki suggests a meaning for “Ground truth: to be any factual information provided by direct observation as opposed to information provided only by inference. So when we say Jesus is Holy, we can verify that He is Holy when we read about His actions historically or verify it intuitively in our spirit. Similarly, when I say I follow Jesus, I should also be verifiable in action that aligns with Jesus in every possible way.

Nowadays, we extensively use GPS (Global Positioning System) installed in mobile phones and navigation devices used for driving and walking. Ground truth technically in GPS means how close the estimated coordinates returned by GPS device like smart phone to the actual location on earth. So our life should be such that how I am closer in action to the absolute perfection that Jesus expects from me through His grace imparted in my life. The more I obey in action to the truth in Jesus, the closer I am to ground truth, not by just abstract speculation of knowing truth as an ingredient of intellect.

So let us now conclude that any truth that you believe in Christ should first make you like Christ and that’s the ultimate test of the truth. If that’s not happening better change your action to conform to the truth rather than changing truth to conform to your views. This is because real understanding of truth comes from our understanding of who Jesus really is in our lives and how do we relate to Him by obedience to His word, when we try to mimic Him. But suppose if you have misunderstood Jesus when He was right then the “misplaced-so- called-truth” that resulted from misunderstanding will also be powerless to change your life. The result would be a disaster and technically I can be called a “person-in-deception”, much worse I can eventually become a “Deceiver” myself earning one of the chief titles of satan, who is the author of all lies.

Prince R Prabhu

Dr. Prince Prabhu works as a faculty member at the Teaching and Research Centre for Biotechnology, Anna University. He is an able Bible teacher, gifted in expositing the Scriptures with an apologetic edge. He also serves as an Elder in King of Glory Sanctuary. Conversant in both English and Tamil, he teaches in the El-Bethel Bible College learning Centres established all over India.