The Real Master

Jesus turn water into wine
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“Jesus said to the servants, … Now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet.” – John 2:6-8
In all wedding feasts, it is his duty to preserve order and to maintain liveliness among the guests. He assigns each one his proper place. He decides what proportion of water should be mingled with the wine and how much each of the company is to drink. He usually tastes the wine before it is offered to the guests. He is called the “master of the banquet”. However in this story, the one who was supposed to be in charge of the banquet was nowhere in the picture. It was Jesus, who produced the miracle wine by filling the stone jars with water. Except the servants, no one knew where this wine of superior quality had come from. At least for those who had been closely associated with Jesus, it was a moment of sudden revelation. They realized that Jesus was the real Master and that He can create a miracle out of any mud pot.
It was not the first time you see Him outperform the masters of their trade. As a little boy, He rattled the learned scribes and teachers in the temple by His questions. He was the Master of all scriptures that no religious system can suppress with its ideologies. He subdued the wind and the waves by His word to show the disciples that He was the Master of all nature. The mangled world of the sick, poor and the demon possessed saw Him as the Master of all miracles. What was silently demonstrated at the very beginning of His miracle ministry at Cana is nothing but the power of His mastery.
The jars were used by the Jews for the purpose of ritual cleansing. They were placed outside the banquet hall for the guests to wash their hands and feet. The irony in this story is, Jesus used these stone jars, while the wine vessels prepared to serve the wedding guests were left empty. Evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman once said, ‘God is not looking for golden vessels, nor silver vessels but yielded vessels’. Jesus simply used what was available and the stone jars found their worth when they were picked up by the Master.
In a museum in Italy, they have kept a carved jar. This is supposedly believed to be one of the six containers which Jesus used to turn the water into wine. The ancient showpiece is a glorious reminder that Jesus can change any ordinary life into a monument of miracle.
With mixed emotions we are entering into another year, not really knowing what the future holds for us. But one thing we are sure of is that Jesus is in control of every situation, whether big or small. Wine is considered to be a symbol of joy in Eastern weddings. The shortage of wine in a wedding might have been the saddest thing to ever happen in one’s life, considering it to be their happiest moment. Jesus showed up and saved the day.
Someone rightly said, ‘Happiness depends on happenings, but joy depends on Jesus’. There is no question that Jesus is the Master of every changing circumstance in our life. When He takes over the reins you can be sure there will be much laughter at the end of the day. After all, life is only going to get much sweeter with Jesus. He is sure to restore the joy even in this coming year.

Sheridon Vedhavinod

Sheridon Vedhavinod is a software professional who obeyed the call of God in his life to enter God’s ministry in 2003. He is a gifted Bible teacher, gospel singer and Senior Pastor of King of Glory Sanctuary, Chennai. He serves as the Executive Director in El-Bethel Endtime Missions. He is also a member of the gospel quartet - The New Covenant Singers.