The Lord is my shepherd

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God is being Good Shepherd to those who trust Him. David trusted God completely without any doubt and declares that Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. David mentioned that God was very much concerned about him as a shepherd concerns about his sheep.

The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.”- Psalms 23:1

David faced troubles by Saul in his early days of his life. Saul and his workers tried to kill him many times. Though he was distressed, nothing affected his relationship with God. That is why he was able to tell that “The lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.

In his entire situation, God was with him and saved him, he was never embarrassed. We are worshipping the same God. He never changes. When God saved David, isn’t possible with God to save us?

Mostly, our life seems to be filled with fears and tears. Fear, may be about future or present situation. Something or other takes away the peace from our life and leads us to distress. Life would have been wrecked because of burdens which are unable to handle. Most of the people rose from their bed with fear. They are starting the day with a question, how am I going to finish the day successfully.

But, when we trust God completely like David, what will go wrong? The one who changes the situation is not our God? The one who overcome the death is not our God? How will he give us up, whom saved David from the point of death many times?

However, when we examine our self, Psalms 23:1 may look like it was not fulfilled completely in our life. Though we accepted God as our savior, we lived a life without harmony. If we think so, then we didn’t do what David did, because God is impartial.

  • Yes, we need to follow few principles, they are:
  • Love God with all your heart
  • Lead a Holy life
  • Spend time in Prayer and Word of God Daily
  • Work for His Kingdom

God is expecting all these principles from His people.

David, the man who worshiped God without ceasing. He understood the plan of God and did His will. He loved God truly. He lead the life that God Himself testified, David was His beloved man. That’s the reason God was being Good shepherd to David.

Even today, if we change ourselves to please God, He will become our shepherd and make us to lie down in green pastures. We shall not want. We will become testimony for His Glory.