Never Underestimate God’s Merciful warning

mercyful warning
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The Wickedness of people in the land of Sodom and Gomorrah was so great that God decided to pour out his wrath upon them. He wanted to annihilate the entire race that lived in these cities by sending brimstone and fire but in this midst God remembered righteous lot and His family. The angels who came to destroy asked Lot “Have you anyone else here? Son-in-law, your sons, your daughters and whomever you have in the city-take them out of this place” –Gen :19:12. In other words God wants to extend His mercy to Lot and to his family because  of Abraham’s intercession (Gen:18:22-32).

Nevertheless, When Lot warned his son-in laws and said “Get up, get out of this place, for the Lord will destroy this city” Gen:19:14, they considered it as a joke. His family members underestimated and never valued the merciful warning of God. They were not ready to heed the voice of the Lord. However his daughters feared Lord’s warning (Lord will destroy the city) and obeyed the instruction of God (get out of the city). Only those who obey and listen to the Voice of God will be saved but the people who reject his merciful warning might face destruction like Lot’s Son-in-law.

Never Underestimate God’s Merciful warning. If you sin willfully or deliberately by thinking that God would forgive kindly, reconsider that very thought, because bible warns us and tells us that sometimes we might not get a second chance. And through His word we know that God warned us about the consequences of sin.

Dear people of God, We worship a God who speaks. When we seek him with all diligence He always reveals the future, warns us and directs us through His servants or directly through his word just like he instructed Lot and his family. God can speak into our life situation and say “to turn from a bad habit or to change our sinful behavior or to forgive someone or to avoid bad companies or godless people or to flee from lust.” In such time obey God’s voice. To the few millennials God’s warning might look like a “joke” but let us remember Lot’s son-in-laws who had never got a second chance to escape but encountered God’s Wrath. Even we can lose our salvation if we willfully neglect to obey the Voice of God. Only the righteous Lot along with his wife and daughter were dragged out of the city not everyone.

Madhu Mathi

Dr. Madhumathi.J, works as a scientific consultant in the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) headquarters, New Delhi. She completed Ph.D in Biotechnology from Anna University and Post doctoral study from Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai. She works as a part time evangelist and is involved in youth ministry