God is Good

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There was a fruit vendor who kept advertising that his fruits are the best ones available in the market. When people question him about the authenticity of his extraordinary claims, he challenges them by offering to taste one of his fruits. Once people taste his fruits, they become his permanent customers who would never stop buying from him. Only after tasting his fruits themselves, each person would realize the truth in his claims.

Similarly, even if others claim to have experienced the goodness of God, unless we personally have a relationship with God, we can never know God. Only a daily spiritual walk with God draws us closer to God to have intimacy with Him.

We cannot appreciate a person’s character unless we interact with him. Similarly, unless we converse with our creator, we will never be able to know how good He is and about his divine nature. The Holy Bible instructs us to taste and see that the LORD is good.

“Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him.” – Psalms 34:8

True, God is good and Merciful.

  • But is it enough to read in the Bible that God is Good?
  • Is it sufficient to hear from someone that ‘God is good’?
  • or will it be adequate to hear others’ testimonies in church that God is good?

Absolutely not !!!

  • It is mandatory to experience God in our personal life by spending quality time in prayer and meditating the Word of God.
  • We can speak with God in prayer and listen to His voice through His written Word.
  • Participating in church and having fellowship with God’s people enables us to commune with God and stay connected with Him even through difficult times.

The everlasting God is sufficient to comfort us for our entire life in all our distress. When we start trusting him we will be able to comprehend that He is good. Are you ready to taste that God is Good?