Eternal Life – Don’t lose the opportunity

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On this earth, we run behind many opportunities, while, some opportunities come searching for us. When we neglect and miss these rare opportunities, it is extremely hard to get them back. The first and foremost thing that would come in that list is the invitation for eternal Life. The ultimate promise of God for every human being on earth is eternal life.

Often we face lot of struggles in life and our days are filled with worry, distress, sorrow hardships, strife, loss and humiliation. When we are overcome by struggles we assume that after death our problems would end forever. But, the truth is our life starts with a new beginning only after death No matter what language, caste, creed, community, education or status we belong to, after our death every one of us will have to spend the rest of our life in either heaven or hell forever.

It is very easy to enter hell, by living our life as we wish. But, entering heaven needs unique qualities or a valid permit (e.g. If we need a valid ticket even to travel in bus, train, ship and Aeroplane, how much more important it is to have a valid ticket to enter heaven?).

If we have to enter heaven, it is imperative w to lead a Holy life. You must be wondering, “then who can enter this place?”. Yes no human is eligible to enter the God’s Kingdom. Mankind is living in a fallen world full of sin and evil. We know this by looking at our world and all that happens around us. No man can live a clean life before God as He expects. But our loving God, who wants us to enjoy our life forever with Him in His kingdom made a way for that. Jesus came down to earth himself and paid the penalty for all our sins and transgressions. He took the punishment for our sins on our behalf to release us from the consequences of our own offences. That is why Jesus died on the cross, which was the way condemned criminals were put to death. However, only if we confess our sins and ask Jesus to wash our sins by His blood in faith we will be released from sin and can live a Holy life on earth. Once we confess our sins, we are forgiven, cleansed and made into a new creation by our creator God. Then, we will get the confirmation ticket to enter the Kingdom of God.

Beloved readers, hell is not a tourist place; It is a real and dangerous place and there are no words to describe it. Do you know that souls of humans are crying out and asking for one more chance to live on earth, even if their life is to be worst here?.

During summer seasons, people plan for vocation to hill stations  or those who can afford travel abroad to stay away from heat. Unfortunately, there are no such facilities in Hell.Wealth, education, status or influence will never be able to rescue anyone in Hell.

Jesus came first time to die for our sins. But, He is coming again as a righteous judge who will judge every human being for what we have done. We do not know when He is going to come, although His second coming is a definite truth. You may think “this is what has been told for the last 2000 years and still nothing happened” . The answer for this delay is found in scripture which states that, God does not want anyone to perish and hence is extending His patience to give chance for every one of us to enter the Kingdom of God.