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For Meditation 1King 3

Are you going through some difficult times in your life? May be you having a hard time at your work place or going  through a financial crisis or a relationship problem or any other difficulties of life. Then, in such situation, you must ask God to Grant His wisdom to handle these inevitable pressures and stresses of life. Wisdom is the Perfect gift. God gives the gift of wisdom graciously and abundantly to the one who asks fervently and seeks it diligently (James 1:5).

At the age of twenty, Solomon was anointed as the king of Israel. God placed a mammoth task upon his shoulders to govern and to Shepherd His people – Israel. He was bewildered and petrified of God’s Commission. Consequently, he went to Gibeon and there he offered a thousand burnt offerings at the high places (1King 3:4). It was an unlawful sacrifice but God certainly condoned his imperfect act because he walked in the statutes of his father David. And God appeared to him in a dream by night and asked Solomon to “Ask! What shall I give you?” 1 King 3:5. The King of the universe was willing to grant a common man’s wish is in fact a mind boggling episode.

At the drop of a hat, Solomon requested God to give him “an understanding heart to judge God’s people so that he may discern between good and evil” 1 King 3:9. Indeed Solomon asked the wisest thing to God because Israelites were wonderfully stubborn and incomparably rebellious. There were a whole lot of things that Solomon could have asked for, like wealth or his enemies’ life or long life but He didn’t ask those things. He didn’t have an appetite for a natural blessing but a supernatural gift. He asked for wisdom to govern God’s people – a supernatural empowerment to do God’s work. Surprisingly, God granted both wisdom for effective leadership and gave him the materialistic blessing. “So King Solomon surpassed all the kings of the earth in riches and wisdom – 2 Chronicles 9:22, 23.”

What will you ask if God says “Ask! What shall I give you?” 1 King 3:5. I would suggest that you don’t ask for the perishing materialistic things of this world but Ask for Wisdom, seek for it and storm the gates of heaven with your prayers. ‘For the LORD gives wisdom’ Proverb 2:6. We need God’s wisdom to do God’s will in our life. His wisdom will guide us to be victors and not be victimized.

Jones Sukumar

Jones Sukumar D worked as an Information Management Leader in Hewlett Packard, he committed his life to serve the Lord leaving his profession behind. He is working at El-Bethel Endtime missions as a overseer- evangelism & missionary Training.He ministers in various churches and corporate fellowships and also teaches in the El-Bethel Bible College learning Centres .